Chota Bheem games – result of a new movie phenomenon

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Chota Bheem games are getting ridicously popular due to overwhelming success of Chota Bheem (correctly spelled Chhota Bheem) children animated movies series broadcasted in Indian TV.

Bollywood posters © by Mosseby

The series started as early as 2008 and its popularity keeps growing and is currently most popular Indian animation show. Its overwhelming success led also to creation of shorter animation movies like Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna and recently released Chotta Bheem and The Curse Of Damyaam which became extremely succesful too.
Chota Bheem games are logical result of success and lot of them were created directly by animation show creators at Green Gold Animation and are available via official site.
The whole series has more than 60 episodes, however videos seem to be not officially available online. The main characters of this movies are Bheem, Chutki, Raju, Kalia, Jagu and others. Some of the episodes can be found on youtube of course. The series is officially broadcasted by Pogo TV, a cable TV focusing on animated movies for India. Chota Bheem earned them also Best Animated TV Show Award in 2009.
Official site for Chota Bheem, including free online games isavailable at


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