Whey protein dangers

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Protein is something that is needed in the body for the healthy growth of the body. But we have all learned that you need to eat a balanced diet in order to be of good health, this means that you need also to eat foods that are reach in other nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates.

This type of protein derives its name from the liquid left behind after straining and curdling of milk. It is also a by product of cheese. This kind of protein contains amino acids that are essential for the healthy growth of our bodies. Research has proved that this type of protein has the highest value of protein composition. The fact that our bodies need this nutrient it is important to balance the intake of it.

It is believed that the whey protein can be used as a diet supplement and used in the building of the muscle tissues. The whey protein danger and effect are: -

Allergies: – Allergic reaction take place when the body immune system to a usually undamaging matter in the surroundings or after taking it. For those people who are allergic to milk may experience stomach upsets and discomfort.  The main component of milk is lactose which is also a component in the whey protein though in a small content.

Weight gain: in the world today all people are more concern with their weight other than any other thing there is. Consuming to much protein can lead to weight gain. The protein you take in is normally processed and used within your body tissues. In the case of whereby you have over consumed the body will excrete this inform of energy or store it as fats. This means that consuming more than expected protein in the body will increase you body fat thus your weight and there are dangers associated with a lot of weight gain which can be fatal.

Kidney problems: -this part of the body acts as a filter in the body system. Whey protein and other types of protein are filtered by the kidney in a process referred to as protein synthesis. The consumption of protein in excess in your diet will strain the kidneys; this will lead to you suffering from kidney diseases.

Nutritional deficiency: – protein being of great importance in the body due to its composition of amino acids and minerals, over consumption of whey protein can lead to satiety. This can lead to having eating disorders or poor eating habits where you take more of a nutrient compared to the other.

The other dangers associated with excess intake of the whey protein may have cramps in the abdomen. Also this can lead to bloating, nausea and diarrhea.

This means that taking a well balanced diet is vital for the proper and healthy growth of our bodies. And for those suffering due to the intake of whey protein I would advice a visit to the doctor for advice on how to tackle this effect and the dangers involved.

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