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The quality and type of nutrition has an impact on weight loss. The food you consume signifies about 70 percent of the weight loss. This diverts the focus that the type of food consumed is much more important than how much and how often you exercise. It is a fact that exercise is very helpful in reducing the weight as it burns calories and fats and it also helps in building a muscle which further burns more calories thus resulting in weight loss. Let us take a look at few Best Fat Burning Foods.

Food with negative calories:

Almost all type of foods contain certain amount of calories thus this indicates that negative calorie food is just a myth. Consuming any food with proper consultation and at proper time is the Best Fat Burning Foods you can say. It has been  claimed by various ways that in order to digest certain foods need more calories as compared to what they actually contain. However the scientists have so far failed to justify this claim or you can say there is no scientific evidence to justify this claim. The most common food that are referred as having negative calories are grapefruit and celery. But it has been found that these foods are effective weight loss foods as they contain high percentage of fiber and low percentage of calories. Thus high fiber takes up the space in the belly that might otherwise be taken by high calorie foods.

Hot peppers and green tea:

The effect that burns the calories is named as thermogenic effect. This thermogenic effect is found in green tea but in a very little amount. The person who consumes 3-4 cups of green tea activates the cells in the body giving it the boost needed to burn the calories however the effect is not sufficient enough to do much damage to the calories. In order to get much better results you need to drink green tea continuously throughout the day. Even after that you are bound to burn only 80 calories per day. Thus this is another Best Fat Burning Foods but with little effect.

Another Best Fat Burning Foods is hot pepper that consists of a compound known as capsaicin which gives a little boost to effect the calories. However with maximum dosage of this hot pepper you can only burn about 21 calories which is comparatively very low.

Best Fat Burning Foods:

Lean protein contains only 4 calories per gram of protein however it is much more difficult to digest. Protein is also the main ingredient in helping to improve the body muscles. Thus more the muscles high are the chances of burning the fat in the body. Thus protein can be regarded as the Best Fat Burning Foods. For an average person per day 50 grams of protein is sufficient enough to burn those calories.


Best Fat Burning Foods are the ones that are low in calorie as digesting the food also needs calories and eating low fat food ensures that you burn more calories than you eat.

Diets That Work For Women

If you are constructing a plan to control your diet on New Year’s Eve as target for next year then it is not the correct approach towards dieting. If you are assuming your body to bring to the point that you have always dreamed of than you are going in wrong direction. Diet is not something you work on for certain period of time and when you receive the result you leave it. Diet is the regular consumption of food that you eat every day in order to maintain yourself. The change in the approach towards diet makes the task more easier. Now let us have a look at some of the diets that work for women.


The first important diets that work for women are vegetables. If you remember your childhood days when your mother would always be after you to make you eat vegetables but instead you avoided them by serving it to your pet. That mistake of childhood has great impact on your body now in your teen age. You mother was right as she was aware of the benefits of consuming vegetables. Vegetables are the best for your body and consuming 10-15 servings per day is more realistic and beneficial if you aim to lose weight quickly. Vegetables have high content of fiber which makes you feel satiated for much longer periods of time as compared to most foods. Minerals and vitamins are vital nutrients which are very commonly found in vegetables. Consumption of more vegetables will result in more energy, better looking skin and overall better results.


Water is the vital part of diets that work for women as it keeps the body hydrated. Intake of water does not mean that you have to stop other foods or juices but it means that you need to increase the intake of water every day by certain amount until you reach the goal. This is the most common and a very important life giving substance. Water acts as the diets that work for women in such a way that it helps in proper functioning of the body parts and also it also takes that space in the stomach that high calorie foods would have taken thus reducing caloric intake. It is advisable to drink water before having any snack or meal as it drastically reduces calorie consumption.


If you have heard that you can reduce fat without exercise then you may be living in another world. Remember we are talking about diets that work for women and exercise is must for women in order to achieve and maintain the desired results. The best fat busters are cardiovascular routines that increase the metabolism and heart rate to ensure fat burning. Along with cardio exercises you need to concentrate on strength exercises as well. They work best as diets that work for women when implemented every two days.

Diets that work for women can only be achieved with proper guidance and changes in your lifestyle through diets, water intake, vegetable consumption and exercises that keep the body fit.

Drastic Weight Loss

Most people across the world try everything to maintain their physique and avoid getting fat. However in spite of continuous efforts they fail in their attempt to remain slim. Hence the need arises to undergo drastic weight loss through various means. We usually wonder why people takes this step of becoming thin as it requires lot of hard work and consistency to achieve the desired outcome. Most common are the celebrities who lose lot of weight instantly and appear with their skinny and slim bodies in short span of time . This puts us in confusing situation and deviates us to think that in spite of our repeated exercises and weight loss programs we are hardly able to reduce the weight and these celebrities are losing the weight so fast.

Various Methods of Drastic Weight Loss:

With the advancement of technology and improved methods and means drastic weight loss can be attained. There are plenty of products available in the market that can result in weight loss within a week’s time. To name a few include diet pills, supplements, diet juice, diuretics, diet teas, laxatives, etc. These products are prepared to attain the desired results of drastic weight loss. These products are quite common and popular and are accessible readily. The cost of these products is also not high and can be easily affordable at reasonable rate for the overweight individual.

Apart from these popular and common products which are easily available to all, there are certain procedures and surgeries through whichdrastic weight loss can be achieved. These surgical procedures are guided by experts of this field and ensures to reduce weight instantly and quite easy. Most common procedures that are used for reducing weight nowadays include liposuction and mesotherapy. These surgical procedures result in reducing the weight and at the same time help in sculpting the body in the desired shape. Thus celebrities in order to look good follow such measures to lose weight and maintain their physique. However these measures are quite expensive and won’t be within everybody’s limits.

Another common type of surgical procedure to attain drastic weight loss is gastric banding. This method is becoming common nowadays to lose weight. It involves surgical method where special material is used to make bands which are placed around the stomach. This creates a small pouch and allows for a narrow passage to huge portion of stomach. This limited space allowed the person to intake less food and thus resulting in weight loss. However with improvement in methods and procedures it has been developed that the gastric banding can now be carried out with the utilization of adjustable band. These band can then be tightened or loosened to attain the desired space around the stomach and newly generated pouch. The adjustment mechanism involves pumping the saline into the band or out of the bad through the rubber ring. After surgery there are some necessary measures to be taken care of.

Drastic weight loss can never be achieved through natural means as body has to adjust to the modified lifestyle that is needed to lose weight.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Some people are very eager to lose large amount of weight within few days. In order to attain that they follow the thousands and hundreds of weight loss programs and diet plans available out there even though they are not good enough to give desired results. Normally the diet plans and weight loss programs allow about two to three pounds of weight loss per week which appears really small if you want to lose lot of weight within shorter span of time. There are number of extreme weight loss methods by which you can lose lot of weight though they have their disadvantages. Let us have a look at some extreme weight loss methods that can be implemented for quick effect however their involves a high risk of health decline.


The first and foremost extreme weight loss methods is fasting which can be done in numerous ways. There is juice fasting where you consume blend of vegetable and fruit juices instead of meals. This type of fasting tends to work as it involves consuming very little amount of calories per day which is only 500. This amount is one fourth of the actual daily consumption by women and one sixth of the actual daily consumption by men. The next type of fasting is fasting on water. In this case the beverages are replaced with drinking only water with variation from consuming or hot salted water or water with lemon juice for certain period of time.

Both these types of extreme weight loss methods are highly dangerous as it may also lead to fainting and heart problems. Also with this you can lose weight for the period you are on fasting but you will gain weight again when you start taking normal food. This is because very little calorie diet directs the body into starvation mode. In this mode due to less consumption of food body reacts slowly in all of its functions including metabolism. The slow action from the body permits the calories to store in the metabolism thus creating more fat than before the fasting. Thus after fast people attain more weight as compared to the one which they have lost during fast.

Surgery for Weight Loss:

The next extreme weight loss methods is weight loss surgery which has become quite popular these days as the fast fat removing procedures such as stomach stapling, liposuction and gastric bypasses. These methods do appear like a fast solution to weight problem but they come with their own risks. These operations leave the body with permanent scarring, recovery periods from these operations takes a long time and there is high risk of causing the general anesthetic. Methods such as gastric bypass carry the risk of killing surrounding tissue, stomach acid leaking, or a life threatening disease known as skin necrosis which causes the skin to rot away around the wound.

Extreme weight loss methods seem to be really fast and effective however for longer span of time they do not have much benefits and also involve health risks.

Fat Burning Tips

There are various Do’s and Don’ts which need to be followed strictly to get the benefit of exercise and dieting. Fat burning tips are quite essential as they help you to know the exact cause of fat and necessary steps or precautions to be take to attain the results. The ultimate aim to discuss fat burning tips is to guide the people the viewpoints that can be followed to attain the desired fitness goals. Below mentioned are some tips that will result in fat burning.

  1. Less consumption of dairy products: The first and foremost fat burning tips is for the person who is a dairy lover and likes to consume dairy products every day. Avoid eating dairy products and you will note the difference within few days as it will reduce the fat in the body. Nowadays you get the dairy products with the label mentioning low fat but this is not true. It actually means low fat by volume as it contains more water. Frankly speaking, milk contains 70% of fat by calories which is quite high percentage of fat. Thus removing milk products, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy items you will definitely reduce fat.
  2. More water intake: The second important and most commonly available fat burning tips is water consumption. Water plays a very vital role in your life. More the water intake, better are the results of your digestion. It is highly recommended by scientists that about three to five liters of water should be consumed every day for better results. Large intake of water hydrates the body and removes the waste and toxins generated within the body. This leads to better fat burning process which reduces fat from the body.
  3. Consume good fatty acids: There are foods that contain good fats which should be consumed in more proportion. Good fats contain Omega 3 fatty acids which play a big role in burning body fat and reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. Good fats include olive, flax seeds oil and canola oils which are a greater fat burning ingredients. This fat burning tip helps to provide more strength to the heart, improves immune system and supports in building of skin, hair and fingernails.
  4. Adequate fruit consumption: Another important fat burning tips is proper fruit consumption. Normally fruits digest themselves within 20 minutes of consuming and do not need digestion process. It is advisable to intake fruits on empty stomach and avoid any further consumption of other foods for up to one hour because fruits provide nutrients until the time it is interrupted by other foods. It is highly recommended to drink a glass of water before consuming fruits and another glass of water to rinse the stomach properly after one hour of consumption of fruits. Different fruits have different rates of digesting itself with banana having the longest rate thus banana is to be completely avoided for reducing fat.

Fat burning tips literally help us to avoid taking wrong decisions which are created by infomercial activities in the market and guide us to the right path.

Reduce Stomach Fat

Many people across the globe dream of reducing fat belly. Nobody is fond of getting big stomach and they try each and every possible option to reduce it. There are various ways and means through which you can reduce stomach fat effectively. Below mentioned are some tips to attain the washboard abs and free your body from unwanted amount of fat.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is the source of burning fat as it helps in building muscles. Doing aerobic workouts or cardio exercises regularly and consistently for 30-40 minutes  per session will boost the metabolism and burn maximum calories thus will reduce stomach fat. Exercising the right exercise for certain period of time helps to maintain health without causing any risks. Doing the workout for only 20 minutes or less than 30 minutes is not sufficient enough to boost the metabolism. The actual fact is that the high amount of body fat is lost only when glycogen supply is reduced which can be attained after about 30 minutes of exercise. Consistency is also of prime importance when it comes to exercise as it helps to develop strength and endurance.
  2. Low Calorie Diet: The next way to reduce stomach fat is to consume food that is low in calorie content. Just doing the workouts does not solve the mystery of belly fat. It is a known fact that exercise burns calories in large numbers but this is true only if you do not consume more calories than you burn during cardio exercises. Thus consuming food which contains low percentage of calorie is highly important. Otherwise, you will continue doing workouts burning fat but at the same time you are consuming more calories through diet which ultimately hampers the fat reduction program. In order to reduce stomach fat, you need to take necessary precautions such as reviewing the food content before intake  to avoid high calorie diet.
  3. Regular Breakfast: Throughout the night you do not consume any food thus the metabolism mechanism is not burning fat. Through various studies it has been found that when there is no food to burn calories or fat the metabolism slows down and goes in to starvation mode. In order to put the mechanism back to its normal operating condition, breakfast is of prime importance. Thus intake of breakfast on regular basis boost the metabolism and increases the chances of burning calories thus will reduce stomach fat.
  4. Complete Avoidance of Salty Food: The next important means to reduce stomach fat is salt. Salt is the best ingredient for absorbing water from the body. It is highly recommended to intake food that is free from salt contents or contains low percentage of salt contents in order to reduce belly fat. Thus less or no consumption of salt means low percentage of water in the body thus resulting in attaining the required leaner frame in short period of time.

Reduce stomach fat through various means is achievable only with sincere efforts, consistent exercises and necessary controlled diet.


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