How to get rid of blackheads

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What are Blackheads? Blackheads are the lump of oily matter that blocks your skin pores. Normally you may say that Blackheads are the flat (or in pinhead size) and dark black spots that you may see on your T zone area (across your forehead and downwards your nose and chin) of your face. But sometimes you may feel that these black spots are appearing everywhere on your whole face. These dark black and flat spots are named as Blackheads. Usually you may find these Blackheads in blackish or yellowish in color.

What are Blackheads exactly? According to the terms in medical science, the initial step of acne is called Blackheads which are formed before the bacteria attack your skin pores and converts into the inflammation, irritation and infection (called as pimples). Medically they are called open comedones. Now when you know What are Blackheads by definitions, do you know where they come from or evolve. Generally a normal quantity of sebum (an oily or waxy substance) is produced by your working pores (or oil producing glands) of your skin. Produced sebum easily spreads all over the surface of your skin (controlled by your skin hormones), the main purpose of this oil is to keep your skin damp and moist. But when your skin hormones (glands) produce too much sebum (oil), it unites with your dead skin cells and make barrier in pores of skin. These blocked and closed pores of skin are observed in the form of Blackheads. It is very necessary to keep your skin Blackheads free because not only it hides your look but it may turn into the acne problem. So controlling blackheads is a step to control the problem of acne.

Doing cleansing of your skin daily is very essential that helps you to decrease your surface sebum (oil) and keeps your pores Blackheads free. To safe your skin from pollutant impurities, you may use a best moisturizer cream (according to your type of skin) after the process of toning and cleansing. But if your skin type is oily then refrain from using any deep, greasy and creamy products because this type of products may increase the growth of blackheads. Mind it, never remove your Blackheads forcefully or with any blackhead extractor because it may harm your skin tissues and may cause infection. So avoid picking or removing your Blackheads yourself.

It is always suggested by many skin experts, that you should keep your skin cleaned and get rid of your day today skin impurities. To untie your skin pores you may apply small amount of steam on your skin probably by keeping your face over and above of bowl having hot water. You may also use the flat blackhead remover (you may buy this product from any beauty store).

What are Blackheads? The primary origin of acne problem, cure it and if you don’t get the positive results take help of dermatologists and aestheticians, don’t try to ignore it, this may harm your overall looks.

Worried on How to Get Rid of Blackheads? Ok, we have the solution but firstly get acquainted what exactly Blackhead is and reason behind its occurrence. Technically Blackheads are called open comedones and they displace your normal skin into covered skin with tiny plugs. Generally people who have oily skin always wonder How to Get Rid of Blackheads as due to excess oil which get mixes with your dead skin cells and dirt, blocks your pores of skin and gives the result into unwanted blackheads, which you may observe over your various (oily) body parts like cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and your back. If your skin is normal but too facing similar problem and worried How to Get Rid of Blackheads, then you may find various types of remedies around you to overcome the problem of blackheads.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads in natural way? Following are some natural methods to Get Rid of Blackheads:

  • Cleansing is the main step to Get Rid of Blackheads because it helps in controlling the oiliness or greasiness of your skin. Always use some mild or soft water soluble cleanser for this process.
  • Remember to avoid or not to use any bar soaps for cleaning process because bar soaps have various type of hard ingredients that may block your skin pores.
  • After cleansing you should use soft, spongy or fur based cloths to keep your face dry.
  • If your skin type is oily then don’t use any deep, greasy and creamy products because this type of products may increase the growing of blackheads.
  • Try some face mask like fruit based pack, clay pack and some light mineral face pack (free of irritating natural things like peppermint, mint etc.).
  • Prepare face pack with some house hold ingredients (like a mixture made up of almond oil, glycerin and lemon juice).
  • Apply some quantity of warm honey on the affected surface and wash it after ten minutes.

If you have acute shortage of time to go for natural therapy and still thinking How to Get Rid of Blackheads in a quick way then my piece of advise would be following

  • Go for some skin care products having property of active exfoliate (peel) help you to remove your dead cells from your skin’s surface and stop having blockage of pores.
  • Moisturize your skin with a warm cloth or damp (put on your face for 15 minutes) to make your dead skin loose and to remove dirt and pores blocking particles. And to kill the harm bacteria and germs you may put used cloth in the hot boiling water.
  • Try process of scrubbing that may destroy your dead cells, but keep in mind to use any mild and soft scrub.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads should not make you loose patient or to be worried, as with such ample option available over market you can get rid of your unwanted Blackheads at any point of time.

Blackheads On Nose

Blackheads on the nose, is the most common problem from which most of us suffer, especially teens. Although blackheads can be found on any area of the skin, but blackheads on nose is the common problem. Blackheads on the nose are very painful then other areas.

Blackhead is the dark head which results from the dust particles that pressed on the surface of the skin and on contact to the air, it oxidizes and gives the dark color, which is what we can see from our naked eyes. It is important that we should remove these regularly as with time these became obstinate and thus it becomes very difficult to remove these.

Blackhead is a form of acne, and is called as the open comedo in medical terms. There are many reasons of getting blackheads, thus sometimes it become difficult to solve this problem permanently. Some of the reasons that cause blackheads can be avoided but other cannot be. Some of the main reasons of getting blackheads are:

     Increase of sexual hormone in the body, hormones such as testosterone when increases in both male and female can lead to the clogging of the pores.

     Using too much of make up, or using low quality make up can also lead to blackheads on nose.

     As some of the diseases are genetic, similarly formation of blackheads on nose can also be genetic, that is the one that we inherit from our parents.

     Sometimes even use of medicines, with some specific salts, such as lithium and steroids can also cause blockage of the pores of the nose faster.

     Hot, humid and polluted environment can also be responsible for the formation ofblackheads on nose. As all these weather conditions cause skin to sweat profusely this producing more oil.

     Even any type of stress leads to the blackheads, this is because, when you are stressed, your skin sweat and thus producing more oil.

     Bad eating habits of the person also leads to the formation of blackheads, foods like chocolates, sugar, and fast food should not be taken in large quantity.


To get rid of these blackheads numbers of treatments are available. Most of these treatments may take several weeks to months to give permanent results. Some of the effective treatments are:

     Benzoyl Peroxide: The antibacterial properties of benzoyl peroxide decrease the consequences of chemical reactions that alter the inside layer of the hair follicle. This reduces the clogging of the pores. This is perfect for the mild case of blackheads or to prevent the further formation of the blackheads.

     Tertinion: It is the bastion of the blackhead treatment, a derivative of Vitamin A; it reduces stickiness of the cell. It can be bit irritating thus it is recommended to see the instructions to use it before using it.

     Antibiotics: These are recommended for the infected blackheads.

     Natural remedies: There are number of things available in your kitchen that you can use to get rid of the blackheads on the nose quickly, and without any side effects.

Home Remedies For Blackheads

Home remedies for blackheads are the year old ways of treating the most awkward and exasperating skin problem, blackheads. It is one of those problems which every one of us faces at some point of time in our life. It is a tough task to remove these blackheads. Many people go for the squeezing or scratching of these, which will do no good, and it will only worsen your situation. Apart from that some go for the synthetic medicines, but this can only give you temporary results and after sometime blackheads are tend to come back. These chemicals can also damage your nasal skin permanently. Our nose skin is extremely responsive and this is why there is no point in experimenting with it.

The best way to get rid of these is to use the home remedies for blackheads. These tend to remove dead skin of the nose and thus also control the sebum production which is the main cause of blackheads. So let’s take a look at some home remedies for blackheads but before trying out these remedies, wash your face properly using a good quality face wash.

     Simple and most effective remedy is to keep some in the washcloth, and after washing you face with a face wash, scrub sugar on the affected area, this will act as an exofoliator thus will help you to get rid of these easily.

     A mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon can be extremely useful. Apply the paste on the affected area, leave it for some time and then rinse it with lukewarm water. This will not only exfoliate your skin but will also remove all the blackheads that are present on your face.

     Another simple way to get rid of these blackheads is to apply toothpaste on the affected area, leave it for some time and then wash it. Believe me you will immediately see the difference.

     you can also use orange peel as an effective home remedies for blackheads. Mix it with little water and apply it on the affected area. However you should be always careful while applying any citrus fruit on the sensitive skin of the nose.

     Another simple and effective way to get rid of the blackheads is to apply the tea tree oil on the affected area.

     Apart form water, you can also mix orange peel with the yogurt, and even this is also very effective to remove blackheads. Just leave the paste on the affected area for sometime, and wash it after sometime.

     A paste of fenugreek is also an effective remedy, apply this on the affected area leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it with normal water.

     Scrubbing the affected area with the mixture of salt, lime juice and honey is also very effective in removing blackheads.

Blackheads are the common problem, and there are number of products available in the market to get rid of these, but out of all these natural remedies for blackheads are the best as these are very effective and don’t have any side effect.

How To Remove Blackheads

How to remove blackheads is a problem that people of all the ages are looking for to get rid of the awkward and embarrassing blackheads. Across the world people are facing this problem of blackheads and are looking for the efficient and reliable way to get rid of these.

To learn how to remove blackheads is very important, as even after taking proper care of their skin, still many people have to face the embarrassment caused because of the blackheads. This problem is mostly found on the t-zone of your face, i.e. your nose, chine and cheeks, all the areas where sebum produced mainly. How to treat blackheads can be easily attained using various methods. You can use commercially available medicines, crams and also available are the blackhead removing strips that eliminate blackheads.

Learning how to remove blackheads doesn’t mean to visit the skin specialist or getting long prescriptions, there are certain similar ways and techniques that are available and which will surely give you good results. Apart from results these are safe and eco friendly also. Also known as the comedone, these are a form of the acne only. Blackheads mainly occur when pores of the nose get clogged, and these blackheads act as the plugs for these clogged pores. These can be removed using some simple and efficient ways.

To remove blackheads you can use scrub, steam and even blackhead removing strips, available in the chemist shop near your place. You can make a scrub at your home only or you can buy it from the local pharmacist near your place. The scrubbing helps to scrub away all the blackheads efficiently and easily, regular use of scrub also prevent the formation of blackheads.

Steam is another excellent way to get rid of the blackheads. Use hot bathes to get the steam, the steam will open the pores and thus it becomes very easy to remove the blackhead from these. After taking steam use a tissue to squeeze out blackhead from it gently. Don’t forget to apply a face pack after taking steam and removing blackheads, otherwise open pores can clog more dust and dirt and thus will worsen your problem more.

Strips can also be used to get rid of the blackheads efficiently. Available in the local market near your place these are very convenient to use, you just have to wet the adhesive side of the strip and then apply it on the affected area. Leave it for sometime and let it dry, and then peel it off, you can actually see blackheads on the strips.

When you are looking for the advice on how to remove blackheads it is important that you should understand that what actually the thing that you are dealing with. Try to understand everything about the blackheads. It is also important to keep some precautions in mind while dealing with these. If you actually want to get rid of these, it is important that you should focus on the methods and treatment that guarantee complete removal of these.

Squeezing Blackheads

Squeezing blackheads is not a good idea to get rid of the blackheads, as it can lead to the skin damage and scarring.  If it is very important or some important event is coming up, make sure that you remove all these blackheads in the best way.

Blackheads can be found anywhere on the body, but most commonly found on the face, ears or nose. It is possible to get rid of these easily, but squeezing blackheads is not a recommended way. If still you want to do this, it is recommended to take some precautions so that you don’t end up doing any harm to your skin inadvertently.

Squeezing blackheads can do no good to you. Many people use their fingers squeeze your blackheads. There are natural oils in the skin, and the reason of blackheads is the excess production of oil by the oil glands in our skin. Thus, using hands to get rid of these will only worsen your problem more.

Apart from increasing your problem squeezing blackheads is a very painful process especially if someone else this for you. Apart form that these will also leave hideous scars on your skin and will also increases infection. Thus it is recommended to use a clean cloth to remove these. Special care is required if you have blackheads near you ear, as if proper method is not followed for removing these it can also affect your hearing.

Nose is an obvious area where most of us get blackheads, and it actually looks awkward and embarrassing.  Strips are the better idea to get rid of these, it is recommended to follow the instruction given on it properly so that you get the good results with minimum pain. Metal hook shaped extractor is also good idea but it should be cleaned and should be used with outmost care.

How to squeeze blackheads carefully?

First wash your face properly using an antibacterial soap, as we don’t want to increase the infection more. According to your skin type, clean your face using a good face cleanser. To exfoliate you skin it is recommended to scrub your face properly; this will remove the dead skin and will thus expose all the blackheads. Scrubbing should be done for 5-10 minutes. After that take a clean cloth and dip it in warm water, hold it on the affected area for sometime, this will soften the affected area, thus making it suitable for extraction. Now it’s the time to remove these. Keep your two fingers on both the sides of the blackheads, and then apply some pressure, so that blackhead comes out of the skin surface. Care should be taken that you should not pinch the skin; pressure should be mild and firm. After you see that all the blackheads have come out of the skin surface, once again keep the warm cloth on the treated area. Wipe a little with a clean cloth and if you see some of the blackheads are still there then apply little pressure again. Squeezing blackheads with your hands, especially unwashed is not at all recommended, following simple tips can help you to get rid of these permanently.



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